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Why Resistance Bands?


There are so many way to use them.
You can start the warm-up using light or medium resistance in order to activate your muscles.
They can be used for increasing your strength and balance
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The resistance bands are inexpensive. Our product mean 10 resistance bands! Two sets - each set containing 5 resistance bands. You pay less than one coffee for each band. And they last more 🙂


There are so easy to be carried and very light. Both sets together weight 0.1 pounds. Each set has its own carry bag. It means that you can carry in your purse, gym bag, backpack. Even in your pocket!

For everybody

Yes! Even if you are a beginner or you are already use to workout every day, you can use resistance bands. Our product offer 10 resistance level!!! Doesn't matter if you are a woman or man, we want to help everybody. So, you can start with very light resistance if you are not an experimented sport person and move to the X-Heavy as you work more and more


We will help you to understand how to use the resistance bands by providing short movies for your inspiration. We update our video database as often as we can.